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Siberian Husky Assistance and Rescue Program (SHARP)

  • The Siberian Husky Club of Canada initiated this rescue program in 1999.  Dogs available in Canada may be found on their site, in addition to the individual listings for each province which appear below.

Alaskan Malamute Help League

  • The AMHL is dedicated to rescuing Alaskan Malamutes across Canada but sometimes has Siberian/Mal mixes. Their rescue email is:

Canada - Alberta

No listings at this time

Canada - British Columbia

British Columbia Siberian Husky Club and Rescue - Surrey

Canada - Manitoba


Canada - New Brunswick


Canada - Newfoundland

There are no listings at this time

Canada - Nova Scotia


Canada - Ontario

Friends of Abandoned Pets, Ottawa

Scarborough Animal Shelter

  • 821 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, telephone (416) 396-7387. Adoption cost is $161 (incl. license).
  • Often have huskies available.


  • Nedi and Paul Sweeney, North of Belleville, (613) 396-3695

SiberRescue Ontario


Canada - Quebec

Siberian Husky Rescue in Quebec

Canada - Saskatchewan

No listings at this time

Canada - Yukon


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The site maintainer makes no warranties for the temperament or the physical health of the dogs listed at this site and provides these listings strictly for information purposes.  This site is not for the use of people trying to sell a dog or breeders wishing to place their own dogs for any reason outside of a true emergency situation.  Individuals wishing wishing to place dogs should first contact their local rescue organization before requesting a listing at this site.  That organization may then contact me to list the dog.  If a dog IS listed at this site, the placing party may ask for a donation to go to a local shelter or registered 501c tax exempt rescue organization to cover costs.  If the placing party requests remuneration outside of these guidelines, please notify me by sending email to  (please indicate the state and page) and I will remove the listing from the site.  THIS SITE IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A SALES VEHICLE OF ANY KIND!  It is for the express purpose of saving dogs whose lives are in danger, who are being abused, in a shelter or otherwise in a bad situation.